Monday, 23 August 2004

It’s a boy

To our dear friends, relatives and discussion group co-members!

Some great news...

At 12:32 this afternoon (23rd August), our fifth son Micah Niall Power, entered the world in the safe environs of Esperance District Hospital. This was the official "due date" believe it or not!

Labour was short and uncomplicated. Mother was (as one friend put it) "a trooper" and is recovering well. Micah is perfectly formed and perfectly healthy. Weighed in at 970g (8lb 12oz) and was 51cm long. Scored 9 and 10 on his APGAR scores!!

His brothers are completely over the moon of course (his parents are reasonably happy too).

We give thanks to God for his care and provision of Linda and Micah over the last 40 weeks and for his continued blessing of this family. Thanks too to the midwives at the hospital, Dr Staer (who arrived late - that makes the score doctors 2, midwives 3) and our dedicated friends who looked after the other boys while we were "busy".

The obligatory photos can be found here - More should be going up soon as we get "real" photos developed and more digital ones taken!

Thanks again to all involved....


Psalm 98:4-9 Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise. Sing unto the LORD with the harp; with the harp, and the voice of a psalm. With trumpets and sound of cornet make a joyful noise before the LORD, the King. Let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. Let the floods clap their hands: let the hills be joyful together before the LORD; for he cometh to judge the earth: with righteousness shall he judge the world, and the people with equity.

Friday, 20 August 2004

It is finished!

An obscure title, I know!

Earlier this year, I joined St John Ambulance (the Western Australian Ambulance Service) as a volunteer. On Sunday, after 4 whole weekends of training, I passed my "Primary Ambulance Course". Congratulations to me!

Unfortunately, that means that I now have to go in the ambulance and look like I know what I am doing. (As opposed to being the third person in the ambulance and basically just watching and/or getting stuff!)

Small plug: Support the ambulance service.

Sunday, 25 July 2004

Geek Code Update

I went and updated my geek code today. Not much had changed.

I wish someone would update the code itself though. Eight years is a bit old for something like this, especially as it relates to computers and the internet. I mean, there was no B++++ (I blog daily and have fifty other geeks on my blog roll!)

Here it is if you are interested, but you will have to go here to decode it! (Or if you are yourself a real geek, follow the title link and do it manually!)

 Version: 3.12
 GMD/B d>-- s: a C++  UL P L++ E---- W++ N- o? K? 
 w O-- M?> V? PS---(+) PE++ Y PGP- t++ 5? X- R>++ !tv 
 b+++ DI D? G e++ h---- r+++ y++++     
 ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------

Thursday, 1 July 2004

More on gmail

Gmail is starting to look nice. Some problems, but otherwise looking pretty sweet. A quick summary:


  • I'm having a bit of trouble understanding the search syntax, and am a bit annoyed that you can't use all of the options in your filters.
  • I wish you could look at two folders at once, either AND or OR


  • Is working nicely with my spamgourmet addresses, even my contacts have the correct reply-to address (that goes via spamgourmet in them)
  • Looks good
  • Fast. Loads itself automatically. No having to refresh to get mail. When you make a change (add or remove a lable, archive, delete or anything) it refreshes very fast. I have used lots of other webmails and seen nothing like this.
  • Update:The way "coversations" are grouped together is great. It is more effective that it first looks. Even works for threads in mailing lists (though if the subjects get messed about with it doesn't do so well)
  • Update:The "show/hide quoted text" option is fantastic. Gets rid of the footers at the bottom of the above mentioned mailing list "conversations"

I'm really starting to think it could be a worthwhile "email anywhere" system. I have redirected most of my other email address to and am giving it a really good beta-test!

Oh, and I was given my first invitation to give away yesterday. Welcome to gmail Kish!

Sunday, 27 June 2004

Update on email views

Went looking around today to see what I could do to get gmail working a bit more like yahoo (as I have suddenly discovered isn't so bad)

Found this first of all: Spamgourmet which is quite a way to generate disposable email addresses on-the-fly. Quite handy.

Have only just started looking at it really, but I think it will do the job well (and seems to be a freely available, open-sourced program which is good too (and the service is free).

If you'd like to test it for me, email me here.

I found another similar program too (I forget the name now...) which looked better in some regards, but it specifically mentioned using it for keeping your flash new gmail address safe and the web page wasn't complete (the 'help') page was unfinished for example), so it didn't really evoke trust.

As to the POP access, there seem to be a couple of programs written that act like yahooPOPs, but for now I figure that is not so important. Downloading your gmail would sort of defeat the purpose of gmails added features anyway. And this is supposed to be beta - I am supposed to be testing it after all!

Thursday, 24 June 2004

Well, I got my gmail, but now what?

I actually logged in to blogger the other day, rather than just viewing
it (or even ignoring that I am supposed to be writing to it) and
lo-and-behold, what do I see but a gmail invitation?

Like I said in my April post, the only reason I started blogging (if you
can call it that) was to see if I could score an invite, but now that I
have got one it seems a little bit of an anticlimax.


I have one word for you: Yahoo!

I know that they (Yahoo) have only increased their mail limit to (try)
to match google's, but I'm not terribly excited by large mailboxes
anyway. I delete my mail when I use a desktop client and don't try to
keep it forever, so why would I want to using a web mail service?

No, it's Yahoo!Mail's other features that have got me hooked. Now, I
have not played with my yahoo account for ages, so I am not sure how new
these features are and whether they are added in to compete with google.
But they are good, at least to my needs, and google does not have them
yet. So what are they?

First of all, I can get POP access with yahoo. When I first joined yahoo
when they bought geocities, POP access was standard. Then they took it
off all us cheapstakes, and kept it only for their paying customers
(fair enough I suppose). Then I discovered YahooPOPs, a program that
runs as a daemon or service and acts as a type of POP-server itself
which downloads the messages from the web and serves them to the email
client. I just got that working nicely and then I checked Yahoo and if
you sign up for Yahoo Delivers and agree to accept some of their junk
mail (once or more a week, and related to subjects that you choose) then
you can have either POP access or mail forwarding. So I did.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly is "Address Guard". This is
basically a system whereby you can create unlimited numbers of
"disposable email addresses". These are to be used for signing up for
special offers, newsgroups, mailing lists etc, or any number of things
where you don't necessarily trust the holder of your email address or
are worried about who can see it publically. Your mail can then be
filtered by the address, and if you start getting spam to it, you (a)
know who to blame and (b) can delete the address and never see it again!

So besides the geek cool value, I don't know how much use my gmail
account is going to get. But at least I have managed to get an account
with no numbers or extra long words in the user name (see here for more details). And knowing google, it won't be long until the feature list improves.

Sunday, 16 May 2004

Finally taking this seriously?

I have decided to finally taking this blogging nonsense somewhat seriously.

I logged in today and saw all the changes to blogger and fiddled a bit.
Of particular interest was the "post by email" option, which is what I
am trying to do now. Sometimes email clients are just more useful than
web browsers.

<rant>Why are there so many new groups that seem to prefer forums
instead of mailing lists? Trying to keep up with them seems to be an
exercise in futility. At least if they are coming straight into your
inbox, you can glance at the subject line, delete if you don't like it,
you can sort into separate folders using filters, view in a threaded
format and so on. And you don't have to wait for the next message to
load after reading one. Yahoogroups (I subscribe to quite a few) have
various options so if you really must view online (and sometimes you do)
you can (as well or instead of getting your email).

Bottom line is this: There are quite a few online groups I would
otherwise join in with, but if I can't post and read using my mail
client, I think long and hard before joining</rant>

Monday, 26 April 2004

OK, I'll admit it.

I made this account months ago, almost forgot all about it and I am only posting now to make my account active to see if I can wangle a gmail account!
I do intend to use this blog properly, but you know what they say about intentions...