Geek Code Update

I went and updated my geek code today. Not much had changed.

I wish someone would update the code itself though. Eight years is a bit old for something like this, especially as it relates to computers and the internet. I mean, there was no B++++ (I blog daily and have fifty other geeks on my blog roll!)

Here it is if you are interested, but you will have to go here to decode it! (Or if you are yourself a real geek, follow the title link and do it manually!)

Version: 3.12
GMD/B d>-- s: a C++ UL P L++ E---- W++ N- o? K?
w O-- M?> V? PS---(+) PE++ Y PGP- t++ 5? X- R>++ !tv
b+++ DI D? G e++ h---- r+++ y++++
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