Thursday, 1 July 2004

More on gmail

Gmail is starting to look nice. Some problems, but otherwise looking pretty sweet. A quick summary:


  • I'm having a bit of trouble understanding the search syntax, and am a bit annoyed that you can't use all of the options in your filters.
  • I wish you could look at two folders at once, either AND or OR


  • Is working nicely with my spamgourmet addresses, even my contacts have the correct reply-to address (that goes via spamgourmet in them)
  • Looks good
  • Fast. Loads itself automatically. No having to refresh to get mail. When you make a change (add or remove a lable, archive, delete or anything) it refreshes very fast. I have used lots of other webmails and seen nothing like this.
  • Update:The way "coversations" are grouped together is great. It is more effective that it first looks. Even works for threads in mailing lists (though if the subjects get messed about with it doesn't do so well)
  • Update:The "show/hide quoted text" option is fantastic. Gets rid of the footers at the bottom of the above mentioned mailing list "conversations"

I'm really starting to think it could be a worthwhile "email anywhere" system. I have redirected most of my other email address to and am giving it a really good beta-test!

Oh, and I was given my first invitation to give away yesterday. Welcome to gmail Kish!