Tuesday, 12 April 2005

A quick html / js tip (as recorded in my palm's MemoDB)

How to use External Javascripts to keep links etc the same over various pages in a web site


Create Javascript with appropriate text

function bottom_links()  
document.write('<a href="#top">Top</a> ');  
document.write('|  ');  

Save the file as file.js

Import the JS file into your html file

Type the following into the <head> section of the html file:

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript" SRC="file.js"></SCRIPT>

Call the function somewhere in the html file and the text will be inserted as programmed

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">bottom_links()</script>

You can now change the links as you like and all the pages where the java is used can show the updated text!!

Wednesday, 6 April 2005

These have been on a long journey…

#3 son, Aidan (4), was practicing his Bob The Builder routine on the handle of our front door the other morning.

He recruited #4, Brendan (2) to the cause in the role of "holding the screws". Being, a 2 year old, Brendan held them in his mouth.

This is the amazing result. A 2-day journey through the GI tract of a 2 year old.

When Linda realised what he had done, she rang the hospital who said that nothing could be done and to ring back if there was any pain or any blood.

Amazingly (and have a look at the size of the bigger one), neither pain nor blood appeared!

Sunday, 3 April 2005

Learning some Flickr

Is it just me or does flickr sound like something you do after picking your nose?

Well, it seems I can blog straight from flickr if I see a cool picture, like this one... well, maybe not...

Hey, did you know that Dushanbe is the capital city of Tajikistan? I did. A couple of years ago, I downloaded a "capital cities" database for the magnificent Supermemo program for the palm.

I have recently finished committing all the world's capitals and I could probably get 90% or so on a primary school geography test. YayMe!