Monday, 7 August 2006

Running Azureus as a windows service

This post has been superceded. Please check out Running Azureus (Vuze) as a windows service revisited.

I am in the process of writing another howto.

Actually, all I am doing is documenting a process that I went through to get Azureus running as a windows service. I really wanted to be able to have (down+up)loads working even when the computer is in a logged out state, or logged in under another user.

There were plenty of tips around, but really nothing that spelled it out step-by-step.

This document is far from complete, but if you would like to see what has been done so far, download the first draft here (.odt document at the moment, so will need Openoffice or similar to read).

Please don't hesitate to leave comments if you happen to find this and have something useful to add!