Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Credit where credit is due

It is harvest time here in Esperance. And harvest time means lots of grain trucks on the road.
When I work at the pharmacy, I ride my bike to work, and my route takes me down Brazier Street, past the grain depot there. There is an t-intersection about half way down, where there is a road coming from the industrial area. The corner is often taken with a minimum of care by the drivers of the three-trailer wheat trucks who assume (quite rightly) that most other road users will stop for them, right of way or not.
This happened to us while driving the other day, and a few choice words were spoken regarding truck drivers and their tendency to assume that might makes right.
So, in the interests of fairness, and as the subject line says "credit where credit is due" I would like to thank the driver of the OD Transport truck who actually stopped for me while I was riding up to that intersection yesterday morning.
This driver would have seen me coming from some distance. Instead of pulling out anyway, which he could have done without creating an emergency, he stopped and waited for me. In return, having seen that he had made an effort to do the right thing, I put on a bit of a burst of speed (such that I can manage) to get past him as quickly as I could.
Thanks again, Mr Truck Driver.