Friday, 28 September 2007

A Grassy Path?

These photos were taken a couple of months ago.


The path involved is one that I ride down a few days a week to work at the pharmacy, that runs along past the showgrounds and the hockey fields.

Back in January, we had some very heavy rains with localised flooding and everything. My path has a little sandy hill right next to it (to the left in the photos), so at a couple of points a nice covering of dirt was washed over the path.

I remember having to brace myself as I went to ride over the sand as my wheels would always float to the side. After a few days the path started to show through at one point (the right on the photos) and I was able to aim my wheels over that.

But as the weeks and then months went by I found myself wondering "doesn't anyone from the council actually maintain this path?". I mean, would a little sweep have hurt...?

Now, have a closer look at the photos. Remember it rained in January. The photos were taken in July. See that stuff in the middle of the sand? Thats grass!

Yes, the path was left with dirt on it for so long that grass grew!

Many times I was tempted to chuck a shovel on the back of my bike and just dig it all up myself, but that was a little impractical.

An interesting thought... the council elections are coming up next month. I wonder if anyone is going to run on a platform of Cleaning Up The Paths!