Tuesday, 30 October 2007

iMonk on unity

I always take time each day to read Michael Spencer, the internet monk . And note, when I say each day, I mean each day. The guy is like a machine when it comes to putting content up. I don't think he sleeps.

His post today was on rethinking the historical view of the Reformation (coming up to Reformation Day). To be honest, I find Michael is always rethinking some view of history, the church or scripture. This is a Good Thing™, but ironic given the first quote I have shared below.

Anyway, the primary thing I got out of today's post was a couple of views on the unity of the church, which I have quoted here:
  • I now believe that tradition is a very good word.
  • I believe we ought to grieve the division of Christianity and the continuing division of Protestantism.
  • I don't believe in ecumenism at any cost, but I can no longer imagine being a Christian without a commitment to ecumenism on some level.
Note, we should grieve the division of Christianity. My early Christian walk was in a specifically anti-ecumenical fellowship, but I have come to a point where I can relate to the third quote above.

Thanks again Michael, for stirring the pot and making me think, even if you do make me uncomfortable.