Friday, 26 October 2007

Regular Customer?

At work at the pharmacy today, we had one of those incidents where you wonder if you are on the same planet as everyone else. Details have been removed for obvious reasons.

A lady presenting a prescription was asked "Have we done prescriptions for you before?" to which said lady replies "Yes, I come here all the time." Clearly one of our regular customers!

I dispense prescription, noticing at the time that we have done one (yes, one. Less than two, more than zero) prescription for her in the past. One.

As one of the pharmacy assistants said later, it is good that all of our regular customers are not like that, we would have all lost our jobs years ago!

Clearly, "all the time" == "at least once".

Reminds me of the language problems I have with my children, where "we never do .... (substitute favourite activity or food)" is equivalent to "we haven't done (activity) for at least a day".