Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Straight Edge

I have been friended once on I had no idea why, and I accepted the request at first because I thought it was my brother, Jason (turned out to be a completely different Jason).

I was playing with my profile last night and I thought I would have a look at Jason's. In his profile, he says "I am straight edge.". I said "???".

Google and Wikipedia to the rescue. It turns out 'straight edge' is a sub-sub-culture of the punk movement. From wikipedia:
Straight edge refers to a lifestyle and scene within the hardcore punk subculture whose adherents abstain from alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, as well as promiscuous sex.
I thought, hey that's me... Hold on, take out the agro, the tendency towards veganism, the haircuts, the piercings, the X tattoos (and perhaps I might be on the outer with my spirituality too... Profanity warning if you follow that link)

So maybe not.

But surely Straight Edge sounds cooler than teetotaller.