Saturday, 24 November 2007

New Government

Yes, the election is all over and we now have a new government.

Congrats to Mr Rudd and Co, condolences to Mr Howard, especially given the likelihood of him losing his own seat. Congrats too to my own local member, Mr Barry Haase who was returned to his seat in the parliament.

I must say I love the political process. While I can think of many things that I would see changed if I could (no compulsory voting, optional preferential voting) I think we do have a working democracy that is a privilege to be a part of.

Trying to explain what was going to my children today, I kept having to answer the question (when discussing the two potential PMs) "who did you vote for?". The answer (which is much more complicated to actually explain) is of course, neither. I voted for the candidates in the seat of Kalgoorlie, the winner of which will put forward his or her opinion for PM...

This was complicated by the fact that I put three minor party candidates before either of the two major parties. Our preferential system being what it is however, meant that I was ultimately voting for one before the other.

In case anyone is interested, the minor party candidate I voted for (not without some misgivings) was Charles Dalton for the Liberty and Democracy Party. If the senate results so far are anything to go by, I was one of perhaps 1000 in the whole state to do so. Seems they might need to do a bit of work in improving their profile. While the Libertarians in the US are no danger to the presidency, at least some Americans know what a Libertarian is.

As for the misgivings, maybe that can be a post for another day.

Once again, congratulations to all involved, especially to our great nation on another great display of democracy.