Monday, 26 November 2007

Userfriendly SETI

Check out the latest Userfriendly comic strip. This makes me laugh when atheists (and others) have a go at us God-botherers for believing in the miraculous. We can't see any intelligence in human DNA, but we can see it in radio waves from outer space?

Reminds me of the Red Dwarf episode, Waiting for God.

LISTER: What do you believe in, then? Do you believe in God?
RIMMER: God? Certainly not! What a preposterous thought! I believe in aliens, Lister.
LISTER: Oh, right, fine. Something sensible at last.

Edit: Just had a second look at the comic, and I think I might be assigning unfair motives to Iliad. Perhaps the strip is really just a Murphy's Law kind of thing. We stop looking for intelligent life in the sky the day before they decide to show up. Perhaps not.