Creative-Commons image goodness

I was doing a search for an image I might be able to use as a base for a logo. Because I wanted to fiddle with it and then reuse it, I needed it to be licenced appropriately.

So I went to Creative Commons and did a search, and found this little beauty:

I can really see this working well, and fortunately for me, the artist (the very kind kaet44 on flickr) has licenced it under a Creative Commons licence which allows me to modify it as I see fit, distribute it and even use it for commercial purposes. Just so long as I give credit where it is due, and here I am: kaet44 did it, and I offer thanks for it!

While I was there, I also saw this fascinating work and thought I would share it here:

By the way, as I have said elsewhere, all of my text here (at least anything that is my original work) can be considered under a similar licence. The only additional condition I have added is the need to “share-alike”. That is, any derivative work needs to be licenced under the same licence. If you care!