Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Believers Resource

freely ye have received, freely give (Matthew 10:8 KJV)
For a number of years I have had an idea of setting up a web host for various free (free as in speech as well as free as in beer) Christian resources.

My thinking was influenced by the verse above. We have been given abilites, gifts and finances by God. I did (and still do) find it quite inappropriate the way Christian artists, ministers and organisations behave in much the same way as the world. My particular bugbear here is the copyright protection enforced on Bible translations. But the same things goes for music or original text... wouldn't you be better off allowing copying and free use? What is the point of writing an amazing Praise and Worship song and then only allowing those fellowships that pay the appropriate licencing fees to even sing it?

But back to my point, it looks like someone actually did something instead of just having an idea.

The Believers Resource site is somewhat spartan at the moment, but I think it has heaps of potential. Like the site says, there is plenty of free stuff available on the net, but a lot of it is of less than ideal quality. A central repository for the good stuff is a great idea.

The site asks for suggestions, and here are a couple which I will be sending on:
  1. Add links to other sites where they can't or won't allow hosting by Believers Resource. You will still have had a look at the product and approved it. People coming to Believers Resource can still use it. It just doesn't get downloaded locally.

  2. Add a software section. I'm thinking particularly of the Sword Project.

  3. The English Standard Version bible has some a module available for the Sword Project for no charge as well as being able to be read online.

  4. Perhaps add a "what's new" section, or perhaps even add a blog-like section to allow news and comments.