Saturday, 2 August 2008

New Music to Love

I've been using the iTunes Music Store for about two years (I think). For all its faults, I love the availability of so much music of all sorts and the ability to buy just one track if that is what you want.

Recently I have started thinking about extending my musical experiences into areas they haven't gone before.

I'm thinking particularly of bands that I have spent time avoiding because the "cool" people at Swanleigh played them all the time and I hated them just on principle. Perhaps I should even expand into slightly different genres/styles that I wouldn't normally listen to. I mean, I listen primarily to the heavy end of rock/pop (check out my profile if you are interested, top bands are Queen and Van Halen), but the last couple of years I have spent more time listening to folk, roots and even country.

I spend a bit of time browsing mp3blogs and the like, and have even discovered a couple of new "favourite" artists there: Apollo Up!, Flogging Molly and Kathleen Edwards, which is great. (Looking up the links here I notice that Flogging Molly has a new album, and it is actually on the Australian iTunes store. That's going on my wishlish!)

But what I am really after is some appreciation of the "classics" of late-20th century western music. The sort of stuff that is culture-defining. A bit like the necessity of having read Dickens, or listened to Beethoven, or at least knowing what a Van Gogh looks like. Just more contemporary.

Here's some of my ideas:
  • Pink Floyd
  • Talking Heads
  • The Doors
  • AC/DC (not a misprint)
  • From an Australian perspective: INXS, Cold Chisel (even solo Jimmy Barnes *shudder*)
  • Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
  • Judas Priest
  • The Cure
Any others? Comments are open.