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I’ve been talking about my participation in NaNoWriMo 2008 for a couple of months now. I’ve posted a few posts since then and hopefully made my intentions clear. There is no backing out now.

I’m asking anyone who reads this (and cares) to come onside and nag the life out of me. Leave a comment here, send me an email, a text message or give me a ring (if you know those details) and ask me how I’m going. Especially if you look at the charts on my sidebar and see that I’m not doing so well. If you really want to know how bad is bad, the NaNoWriMo crew have generated these detailed Progress Reports… click if you dare.

I really don’t want to have to start making up justifications for poor performance. It will all just be too embarrassing and will therefore be my incentive to write.

Thanks in advance.

Edit… (no longer available) I’ve decided not to keep all my charts on the sidebar. The NaNo site seems to be having a bit of a problem with a heavy workload now. No need for me to be adding to that every time someone hits my site (like it really makes a difference!).
Instead, they can stay on this page.
Country vs City Word War, Elsewhere in Australia vs Perth, North
North vs South Word War, Me in Esperance vs Kamu in Port Hedland:

Edit 2…: I should have just kept everything here, but I’m posting regular (milestone) updates here.

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