Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Where have you been?

It's been almost three months since I've posted. A far cry short of the 15 posts in the month of August last year and even less than the two I managed during NaNoWriMo (when I managed to finish a 52k+ novel as well).

You know why I haven't managed anything? It could be that I had nothing useful to say (I'm sure there would be plenty out there who would say that most of my posts were also made when I had nothing useful to say). I could perhaps have been too busy. Having a rest?

No, none of those.

Simply put, every time I do into the admin section, I fiddle. Fiddle with the plugins, the themes, the widgets and whatever else looks interesting. Tweak things to make them look or work better. Generally procrastinate.

From someone who makes a point of saying that presentation is a lot less important than content, this was a bit of nasty revelation. It wasn't that long ago that I was telling my #2 son off for writing a project with colours and fonts and everything organised as he went (didn't help that he kept getting grumpy with it when it wouldn't work like he wanted) instead of worrying about what he wanted to say first.

So I won't make any promises, but from here on it, I'll try to post more often than I change the theme!