Monday, 8 June 2009

2008 chart-toppers

OK, this is old news and not terribly interesting, but I'm posting anyway.

2008 was my first whole calendar year using iTunes as my primary music player. I've set up a plethora of smart playlists and the like to manage my music (I've got plenty of posts to come about that) but at the end of the year I decided to do my own Countdown.

Unfortunately, each of the lists I made ended up being dominated by one or two albums so I'm left with not very much to say. Instead of a top 10 (with 5 being much the same), I'll just share my most played songs of 2008:

At the end of this year when I do this, I think I'll make a rule that only the best song from each artist makes it onto the list. It might make for a more interesting post.