Some cool CC images

I’ve recently taking to putting an image with most of my posts, both here and at the pharmacy web page. Unless there is something more specific (like a photo I took), I tend to use the Creative Commons search plugin through Firefox and find an appropriately licensed image. Because I often want to use it on the business page, I make sure it is something licensed for commercial use.

In my travels, I often come across some images that I think are really good, but that aren’t what I am looking for. That’s what this post is about. Here are a few images I have found over the last few months that I would like to use, but I haven’t got anything to use them with. Some of them might go nicely in printed products. Perhaps later.

For now, enjoy. If you like the work, click through on the image to get more details and a link to to the original page (usually somewhere on flickr) where you could download a better quality image.

(Edit 2014: Sorry about this but I cleverly used the

function in wordpress to show these images but that got completely messed up when I came back to blogger. Bottom line is that I have no idea what these images were. If you care, have a look here or here for similar posts)