Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Coffee Cat gets what it deserves!

With this post, I would like address what I consider to be one of this generation's most serious injustices. :-)

The fact is, Coffee Cat does not get enough love on the net.

Coffee Cat is a part time coffee van that parks itself on the shore end of the tanker jetty in Esperance. You'll find it there Thursdays to Mondays and only until 2pm. But most days, regardless of how terrible the weather they will be flat out barista-ing for the loving people of Esperance.

They have no net presence of their own, though there is a Coffee Cat Appreciation Society fan page on Facebook. If you google a little bit, you might find some short posts on a travel blog site or something similar. Our local paper, the Esperance Express will (whatever else its faults) occasionally print an article on the Cat, or its staff or its biscuits or even on how hard it is to find someone willing to make you a cuppa when you're in Esperance. (sorry: all the links to those articles are dead. The Express got rearranged at some point. I'll leave to URLs in place just in case they reappear)

I remember when they first opened. I've lived in Esperance for the best part of 14 years and I've lost count of the number of cafes that have opened, closed, changed owners and closed again in that time. While that article linked above might suggest that we live in a coffee wilderness, the fact is that more coffee places go out of business down here than manage to do it right. So when Coffee Cat first parked down by the jetty I thought it was an inspired move. It was just something different. Still just somewhere to get a cuppa, but not just another cafe. And to tell you the truth, the money my wife and I have spent on coffee since they opened compared to before just doesn't bear thinking on. And why not? Who really wants to take seven children down to the cafe? But the beach, that's another question!

Anyway, I just wanted to put the word out there that I think Coffee Cat is fantastic. The location, the coffee, the staff, the customers and even the ridiculously shortened trading hours. Shane and Lara... thanks.