Nag me for NaNoWriMo 2009

Following on from this brilliant idea last year, I’m going to keep tabs on my progress in this year’s challenge right here.

To all those friends and family who I have pointed in this direction, please keep an eye on me here and feel free to give me a hard time if I am looking like I need one. Have a look at my Progress Report if you are interested in the details. Please leave a comment here, give me a ring or a text message, send me an email or knock me over in the street with your car. Anything to remind me what I’m supposed to be doing.

As with last year, there are some pretty little images to show how things are going:

Country vs City Word War, Elsewhere in Australia vs Perth, North

North vs South Word War (race, really), Me in Esperance vs Kamu in Port Hedland:

As of just before midnight on 31st October none of these links and clever images are working. I’m sure the NaNo servers will get with it eventually!Done. Images working now. Sweet. (edited 2009-11-06) – Of course now that this NaNo is well over and done with the images aren’t available at all. I might have to remember to save them in future. (edited 2014-05-08)


  1. Last update.

    Just finished the story at 50,043 words. I need to go back and fill in a few gaps, but other than that, I'm done until next year.

    Was a blast again!

  2. Had a good week so far on balance. Day 2 was almost a waste of time, but did another 3K+ on Tuesday and almost 4K today. Sitting on 11.5K right now. Liam (who's doing the Young Writers Program) is about 2000 ahead of me! And seeing you can't see the wordcount widgets still, I have to admit Kamu is abut 600 words ahead of me. I'm pretty pleased I got that close tonight.

  3. Can't complain about my start. Did about 500 words about 4 this morning while Linda was feeding Dominic. Didn't get to write again until after tea tonight, but got to 3200. Liam did about the same (spread over the day) even though he is sick.

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