Head out the Bladesage Gate

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The front gate to the magical fortress town of Bladesage is now open.

Please join me as I expand and explore a fascinating world of conjurers, dread beasts, brave adventurers and the marvellous spirit of a community rebuilding itself after apocalypse.

Our companions on this journey will be Swords & Wizardry, Mythic Game Master Emulator, National Novel Writers Month, Script Frenzy, Project52 and anyone else I can dragoon into service.

Bladesage is a graft from my personal blog, Can You Spell Cacophony? and you will find my initial posts over there (Here Comes The Bladesage, The Conjurers’ War and The Locusta). No doubt I’ll transplant them over here eventually but I figure it’s a bit of a cheat with respect to Project 52, so perhaps not just yet.

So thanks for your company. Please subscribe to the RSS feed and don’t hesitate to leave a comment anywhere you feel the need.

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