More Creative-Commons image goodness

When I create blog posts I always like to have an image on the page just to break up the text flow and make the place look that little bit more interesting.

Unfortunately, I’m not much of an artist (or an artist at all if the truth be told) so I’m dependent on other people’s work. I could just do what an unfortunate number of other online folk do and just copy-and-paste from wherever I find it. Instead, I make use of the Creative Commons Search engine. It searches for all sorts of media that have been clearly licenced with any of the Creative Commons licences. You can choose which site to focus on (I find flickr the most useful) and you might be surprised just how much “stuff” is out there to use.

I usually manage to find images that I like but which don’t always fit the purpose for which I am searching. I bookmark them or something with the aim of coming back to them but you know where those sorts of aims end up. So instead, like I have done once before I’ll just share some of my favourites here, some with intelligent comments and some without.

Most of these images are licenced under a Share-Alike Attribution licence and I have hyperlinked back to the image’s flickr page as my method of attribution. Thanks to all the talented artists and photographers who do such interesting work and like to share.

This image reminds me of going for walks with my children. They can’t manage to go anywhere in the bush without picking up a stick. At least this woman has managed not to turn it into a pretend light-sabre.

Wow! Real life mermaid.

I’ve never made it to any sort of SF or fantasy or gaming con. And definitely never dressed up for the occasion. But I want to.

Bob the Skull online!

No idea why I saved this one. Probably looking for gargoyles of some sort.

A black-winged angel. What else is there to say?

Is this a jester? A demon? What? Another one I could tag with a big bag of don’t know… Ok, it’s a jester, the flickr page says so!

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Score 1 for affirmative action

Edit 2009-05-27: I thought I should try to give credit for the above. I found it posted in a recent discussion at dragonsfoot. Now I don’t know who to blame for the “inspirational poster”, but I think that the artist responsible for the Orc Chick herself is Ursula Vernon. I couldn’t find this specific image anywhere, but Ursula has painted the same “model” on Elfwood (warning: NSFW) and I reckon they match. As per the FAQ giving permission to post images to the net, I hereby give credit to the appropriate recipient!

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Creative-Commons image goodness

I was doing a search for an image I might be able to use as a base for a logo. Because I wanted to fiddle with it and then reuse it, I needed it to be licenced appropriately.

So I went to Creative Commons and did a search, and found this little beauty:

I can really see this working well, and fortunately for me, the artist (the very kind kaet44 on flickr) has licenced it under a Creative Commons licence which allows me to modify it as I see fit, distribute it and even use it for commercial purposes. Just so long as I give credit where it is due, and here I am: kaet44 did it, and I offer thanks for it!

While I was there, I also saw this fascinating work and thought I would share it here:

By the way, as I have said elsewhere, all of my text here (at least anything that is my original work) can be considered under a similar licence. The only additional condition I have added is the need to “share-alike”. That is, any derivative work needs to be licenced under the same licence. If you care!

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