The Demolition Man

What does the man do when the whole world collapses?
There was a foundation, now gone
Sure and sturdy it was, unmovable and firm
Now nothing more than vapour

For years it had been built upon
Room by room, brick upon brick
With the slab covered by builder’s guarantee
He took care with every extension

But was it just imagined? Was it ever really there?
His own wishful thinking made flesh?
Or piece by piece, day by day was that flesh eaten away
Until the world was left on dirt

So now he is holding up the walls, fighting the shifting sands
That fight all that is left
“My house still stands”, he screams to any who would hear
“For how long?”, he keeps to himself

Those who could be holding up the walls, inside and out
Are now the demolition contractors
“It is far too late to stop”, they say
And they make plans for the fall

So all alone, he watches the walls come crashing down
The house once loved, now despised
Crocodile tears shed for the demise of that grand old place
And the remains of the one who would not leave

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A-Z Music Meme

OK, I wasn’t tagged, but I saw this when investigating a WordPress theme.

Simple idea. Open up your Music Library in your media player. Sort alphabetically by track and put up the first track for each letter without duplicating artists.

This is me:

  1. Absence by Ancient Drive (from “Unknown”)
  2. Baba O’Riley by The Who (from “My Generation: The Very Best Of The Who”)
  3. Cable TV by Weird Al Yankovic (from “Dare To Be Stupid”)
  4. D.O.A. by Van Halen (from “Van Halen II”)
  5. E-Bow The Letter by R.E.M. (from “In Time: The Best Of R.E.M. 1988-2003”)
  6. F-19 by Men At Work (from “Business as Usual”)
  7. Games Without Frontiers by Peter Gabriel (from “Shaking the Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats”)
  8. Hair Of The Dog by Guns N’ Roses (from “The Spaghetti Incident”)
  9. I by Black Sabbath (from “Dehumanizer”)
  10. Jack-A-Lynn by Jethro Tull (from “20 Years of Jethro Tull”)
  11. Keechie by No Age (from “Nouns”)
  12. La Bible by ApologetiX (from “Spoofernatural”)
  13. Ma-Ma-Ma Belle by Electric Light Orchestra (from “All Over The World: The Very Best Of ELO”)
  14. Naked In Front Of The Computer by Faith No More (from “Album Of The Year”)
  15. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da by The Beatles (from “The Beatles”)
  16. Paca Nokt’ by Akordo (from “Kristnaska Kordo”)
  17. Queen Anne’s Revenge by Flogging Molly (from “Within a Mile of Home”)
  18. R.I.P. (Millie) by Noiseworks (from “Love Versus Money”)
  19. Safe European Home by The Clash (from “The Essential Clash”)
  20. Tainted Love by Soft Cell (from “The Very Best of Soft Cell”)
  21. U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer (from “The Best Singles Of All Time”)
  22. Valley of Tears by Robert Plant & The Soweto Gospel Choir (from “Goin’ Home: A Tribute to Fats Domino”)
  23. Wait for the Promise by Aaron Jeoffrey (from “Very Best of Aaron Jeoffrey”)
  24. X Offender by Blondie (from “Blondie: The Platinum Collection”)
  25. Yahweh Love by Petra (from “Petrafied: The Best of Petra”)
  26. Zero by Evanescence (from “Special German Import 2004”)

I think this is a reasonable representation of my music library. Most of my top 10 bands are represented. As are some of the random tracks I’ve collected from mp3 blogs or bought off ITMS because I read a good review in the paper as well as few that I got from compilation cds or soundtracks. Nothing I’m too embarrassed to show here (except perhaps MC Hammer *grins*)

OK, the idea is to “tag” three more people to do this. This is a bit trick, because I’m not really on speaking terms with too many other people with a suitable site for publishing. But here we go anyway.


  • Jason Power (who has no site, I’m emailing you, add yours in the comments here)
  • Greg Cresp (does Live Journal track incoming links?)
  • Megan @ Melodic Insomniac. Sorry, you don’t know me, but I’ve been watching your NaNoWriMo posts and you seem to be the musical type, so this might appeal.
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Pie Floater

Oh, what an aussie am I! I finally made a pie floater though you will notice that I have used yellow pea soup instead of the more correct green pea soup. Still tasted good though.

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A Grassy Path?

These photos were taken a couple of months ago.


The path involved is one that I ride down a few days a week to work at the pharmacy, that runs along past the showgrounds and the hockey fields.

Back in January, we had some very heavy rains with localised flooding and everything. My path has a little sandy hill right next to it (to the left in the photos), so at a couple of points a nice covering of dirt was washed over the path.

I remember having to brace myself as I went to ride over the sand as my wheels would always float to the side. After a few days the path started to show through at one point (the right on the photos) and I was able to aim my wheels over that.

But as the weeks and then months went by I found myself wondering “doesn’t anyone from the council actually maintain this path?”. I mean, would a little sweep have hurt…?

Now, have a closer look at the photos. Remember it rained in January. The photos were taken in July. See that stuff in the middle of the sand? Thats grass!

Yes, the path was left with dirt on it for so long that grass grew!

Many times I was tempted to chuck a shovel on the back of my bike and just dig it all up myself, but that was a little impractical.

An interesting thought… the council elections are coming up next month. I wonder if anyone is going to run on a platform of Cleaning Up The Paths!

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Have you seen this book?

Started watching Afterworld today and it reminded me (obliquely at least) of a book I read in my teens.

I can’t remember the name of this book or its author. I do remember that I read a reasonable number of books by this author around the same time, so he (I think it was a he) must have been reasonably prolific.

This particular book (set in modern times) was about a guy who found himself becoming increasingly ignored. Eventually he seemed to disappear out of everyone’s view. At the same time, he found everything else “greying out”.

In the story he ended up finding other people “slipping” into his domain, as well as food etc. He could tell the ‘real’ things because they had colour.

I’m really not even certain of the main plot, but the loss of colour is what I really remember. I would have read this around 1986 or a bit later, so it is at least that old.

Linda and I had a good google around the place trying to figure it out, but it is really quite hard to choose your search terms when you have little to no idea what you are looking for.

I have put out requests with my friends in the Christian Gamers Guild and also the Name That Book forum at Library Thing in the hope that someone can help me out. I think perhaps this space is a little less likely to uncover a solution, but it is worth a shot…

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Credit where credit is due

It is harvest time here in Esperance. And harvest time means lots of grain trucks on the road.
When I work at the pharmacy, I ride my bike to work, and my route takes me down Brazier Street, past the grain depot there. There is an t-intersection about half way down, where there is a road coming from the industrial area. The corner is often taken with a minimum of care by the drivers of the three-trailer wheat trucks who assume (quite rightly) that most other road users will stop for them, right of way or not.
This happened to us while driving the other day, and a few choice words were spoken regarding truck drivers and their tendency to assume that might makes right.
So, in the interests of fairness, and as the subject line says “credit where credit is due” I would like to thank the driver of the OD Transport truck who actually stopped for me while I was riding up to that intersection yesterday morning.
This driver would have seen me coming from some distance. Instead of pulling out anyway, which he could have done without creating an emergency, he stopped and waited for me. In return, having seen that he had made an effort to do the right thing, I put on a bit of a burst of speed (such that I can manage) to get past him as quickly as I could.
Thanks again, Mr Truck Driver.

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Finally taking this seriously?

I have decided to finally taking this blogging nonsense somewhat seriously.

I logged in today and saw all the changes to blogger and fiddled a bit.
Of particular interest was the “post by email” option, which is what I
am trying to do now. Sometimes email clients are just more useful than
web browsers.

<rant>Why are there so many new groups that seem to prefer forums
instead of mailing lists? Trying to keep up with them seems to be an
exercise in futility. At least if they are coming straight into your
inbox, you can glance at the subject line, delete if you don’t like it,
you can sort into separate folders using filters, view in a threaded
format and so on. And you don’t have to wait for the next message to
load after reading one. Yahoogroups (I subscribe to quite a few) have
various options so if you really must view online (and sometimes you do)
you can (as well or instead of getting your email).

Bottom line is this: There are quite a few online groups I would
otherwise join in with, but if I can’t post and read using my mail
client, I think long and hard before joining</rant>

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OK, I’ll admit it.

I made this account months ago, almost forgot all about it and I am only posting now to make my account active to see if I can wangle a gmail account!
I do intend to use this blog properly, but you know what they say about intentions…

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