In A Music Mood

Apologies to Jeff Rients for the title. More apologies for all the links in the following text...\

In a recent post Jeff commented on the relationship between (heavy metal) music and gaming.

In many ways heavy metal and D&D go together like peas and mashed potatoes. Some people keep them separate on their plate but the awesomest folks mix 'em together with wild abandon.

Not trying to cash in on the Gameblog's topic, but it made me think about what music I have always liked to game to. I made a comment after Jeff's post, carelessly posted as an Anonymous Coward, with my suggestion of Deep Purple along with the existing entries of Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep. But as much as I agree with Jeff's post above, I have plenty of other musics I would put into the same category.

So here, for posterity's sake is a short list of significant (for me only) gaming music:

Anyone else out there got some great game-memory triggering music (of any variety)?

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