If you're wondering why I choose to run with the pseudonym "uxintro" on the net, I'll give you the quick explanation:

  1. When I first joined an online bulletin board (1995, before internet access was readily available), I had just read a book called Saxon Tapestry and it had a character in it called Wynter. I stole his name as my handle.
  2. When got on the net and started joining groups I kept the username as much as possible.
  3. I hit a snag when GeoCities (where I could manage wynter1) was bought out by Yahoo! and I had to settle for wynter0. It was just starting to get depressing being one of 50,000 wynters!
  4. I'm a dabbler in Esperanto and I decided to transliterate the word. I could have translated it... winter in English is vintro in Esperanto, but instead I changed it to uxintro. Now there is no "w" in the Esperanto alphabet, but the letter "wo" (actually written as a "u" with a breve above it) sounds the same. When using plain ASCII, Esperantists type it as "uh", "u^" or (my preference) "ux". So I've changed "w" to "ux", put the "i" back in as in the real word (rather than the name), and added the "o" to the end like all Esperanto nouns.
  5. So now I am uxintro and a DuckDuckGo search doesn't get anyone else except for me! Aren't you glad you asked?

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