Shayne Power: What I'm Doing Now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

Started a new job in Toodyay (on Ballardong country) in July last year and commuted a couple of times a week before moving up here permanently in December. It’s just the two of us (plus one canine and one feline), the boys are still living in the old place in Perth. Have to say I’m really enjoying the tree-change (well, tree-and-farmland-change).

Current obsession is with Personal Knowledge Management (PKM). Had come across the idea of Zettelkasten earlier, but the concepts didn’t really stick until I started using and learning Emacs and started playing with Org-Roam and then Denote to manage the notes. Have been religiously following a number of blogs and vlogs of those in the same space and am learning loads. Working my way through some important books of the field, the most recent of which was Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte.

Still keeping up with my Esperanto, though thanks to the new job (which has me working on meeting days) I’ve had to pull back from committee roles in ELWA. After a lazy year or two, am trying to get back on track with my study of Indonesian, and am also currently working my way through a short course (on EdX) of the Noongar language.

The Monthly Music Book Club has fallen by the wayside, but I have been keeping up with new and interesting music by myself, making use of Bandcamp Fridays whenever I can. Find of the last year was The Dreadnoughts, and the album I am literally listening to right now is Bahtak by Hassan K. Off to a gig tonight to see (amongst others) another Bandcamp find, local band Silent Knight.

My brother gave me a few Joe Abercrombie novels for Christmas, and I am currently reading A Little Hatred. His work is new to me and I am enjoying it so far. I’ve given up on my so-called habit of having a fiction and a non-fiction book on the go at the same time, so that I can concentrate on one and hopefully get to the end of more of them!

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