Finally good for something

I got a new tattoo this week. Not something terribly noteworthy, but tattooist said something interesting that I thought was worth sharing.

As he was finishing up the shading, he said that my skin was taking up the ink really well. In fact, he described it as like “butter into hot toast”. Now aside from being a slightly off-putting and creepy sort of image, I decided that at least my freckly, Anglo-Celtic, sunburn prone, skin cancer timebomb skin was finally good for something.

What it effectively meant was that he didn’t have to spend extra time scrubbing the ink in properly, I got out of the chair quicker and I can see already that it’s healing up nicely and quickly.

And in case you are wondering, the word is “feliĉeco” which is Esperanto for “happiness”. It is there as a reminder for me of… well, lots of things really (perhaps that could be a subject for another post). That is why I got it on the arm where I did, so I can actually read it.

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