Return of the blog

This is going to both boring and uninformative.

I've been meaning to increase my writing for the last few years, You'll probably even see a few posts in this very blog saying that it was iminent. So while I'm not promising anything, I'm hoping this is the start of a new habit.

A few weeks back, I watched a video on PeerTube wherein the host, Chris Were, extolled the virtues of hand-coded and very simple web pages. I got really excited, remembering my own adventures in learning HTML and creating terrible web pages from scratch. I've been using Blogger and WordPress since I started a blog (that should probably be in quotes) and they make things very easy but I tended to spend more time working on themes and plugins than I did writing.

So, here we are. I found a plugin that exported all my pages and posts to my hard drive in markdown format. They’re actually all here on my web hosting but I haven't made any sort of index to show them. I'll gradually convert them back to plain HTML and add them to index.html and the rss feed but that is going to be a work in progress.

A lot has changed since I last did any sort of regular posting, personally, professionally and in every sort of way. Short summary: currently (and happily) working as a locum pharmacist, living in a blended household (with 2 of my own sons, 1 of of my SO's and 2 big dogs), speaking a lot more Esperanto than I had ever expected to, don't ride my motorbike anywhere near as much as I would like and watch too much TV. Oh, and now unemcumbered by any supernatural mumbo-jumbo.

So, that's all for now folks. And because there is no commenting system you won't be able to tell me what you really think of me... But if you must, hit me up on the Fediverse:

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