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(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

Created a blended household at the beginning of this year with the SO. Now living with two of my offspring (16 and 18) and one of hers (17) as well as with two big dogs.

Still a pharmacist, despite plans over the last few years to re-profession. Doing locum work full time presently and while I'm looking at various opportunities for full-time work when they present themselves, I'm happy for that to continue.

Esperanto is still my life's (outside of family and work) passion. I've had a few Pasporta Servo guests over the last few years and that has been incredible. Holding regular meetings for conversation and learning which are good, despite somewhat disappointing attendance. Committee member for the Esperanto League of WA. I've also made a start on a bit of a videoblog... Just went to grab a link to enter here and it seems that the PeerTube instance I'd settled on doesn't seem to exist any longer. That's a bit sad, but I've got my files, I'll find a new home for them.

Speaking of online projects, I've redesigned and restarted this, my personal blog. I've gone old school and everything is hand-coded (html, css and rss) so it's slow going, but it will be (and is) accessible and an opportunity for me to continue learning.

As far as social online stuff goes, I avoid using FB as much as possible. I was actually clear of it for a little while but when I started locuming last year I knew there were a few groups there that were a good place to find work so I got sucked back in. Don't post much if at all, just lurk for work. My social network of choice is the broader "fediverse", primarily Mastodon but I've played with an install of GNUsocial as well as having the above-mention failed PeerTube channel.

Have not been writing much recently. I've got a stupid idea to do NaNoWriMo again this year. Will report the results later...

I've spent much of the last few years analysing and working on my beliefs. Most of this would take more words to explain than exist in the universe, but in short I now identify (seriously) as Communist and (less seriously, though no less accurately) as a (seven tenets) Satanist. Might write some explanations in the medium-term future.

Currently reading Les Misérables, rereading Getting Things Done, testing my Esperanto comprehension with La Hobito and reading over my 2008 NaNoWriMo draft with the goal of perhaps writing a sequel to it this year.

While the URL shayne.powerlot.net/now will always point to the latest version of "NOW", I intend to keep all former versions up on my page. Here's the whole collection if you are interested in what happened before "NOW": Shayne Power: What I'm Doing Now | Old Now Page 2 | Old Now Page 1 |

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