Digital Jubilee

Back in 2012, I came across an article (probably via Lifehacker) by Frank Chimero that referred to a practice that he called a "Digital Jubilee", based on the old testament practice of the "Year of Jubilee".

I won't belabour the point here, because this isn't a new concept. I just want to share what this looks like for me.

I've done some version of this every year since then and it's a great way to start the year fresh in the digital world. So, in no particular order:

There are some things I don't feel (at least right now) the need to "Jubilee". Email, as I said before. Culling my video or music files. Clearing out my Downloads directory (that's another inbox-zero thing with me anyway). I'm sure there are probably more I should be dealing with but this lot improves things a lot for me, so will certainly do for now.

Happy New Year to all...

Addendum for New Year 2023:

Happy Jubilee 2023!

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