The Golden Diamond campaign

The Locusta left their traces. Two humanoid races who were unknown before the wars were left behind: The Ferbend (orange-skinned and horned) and the Vitterfolk (unnaturally tall, slim with long tails).

In the years since, there have been a number of settlements that have been destroyed literally overnight. In almost all cases, there were no survivors. Buildings toppled, some even fallen into crevices in the ground like earthquakes. On the few occasions where there were survivors, there were tales of gargantuan monstrous creatures. The descriptions have always varied. Chaos ensued in every case. Spells backfired, bowstrings broke, all sorts of things. Amongst those who know of them, the creatures are referred to as the Great Locusta.

This campaign will be based around the city-state of Bladesage. It's a coastal town built over the ruins of an imperial fishing village with a modest harbour. The rulers of the town are a council of wizards. The city considers itself a republic, but only wizards are able to vote. The citizens keep slaves, but even the free non-wizards are treated as second-class. Women are not allowed to practice magic.

The city is serviced by a number of outlying towns and villages. Most have no wizards and no walls. They have their own militias, but are usually suffering at the hands of the nomads and sea-raiders prone to attacking the "civilised" world. The people of these towns consider themselves to be hard done by on behalf of the council, but while their protection is imperfect they do keep the towns alive, so there is no hint of rebellion.

Three months ago, Westa Golden, a notorious witch and political prisoner, escaped from the Citizen's Tower (prison) in Bladesage. It is thought that she had taken refuge in one of the outlying towns. The council has sent their agents out to find her, but to no result. She is skilled in illusion.

A warlord, known only as the Diamond, has arisen amongst the nomads and raiders who has aims to bring more civilisation to the area. He approached the council with a peace proposal which was rejected. At present, this has meant more raids on the outlying towns, but it is thought that his aim is perhaps to approach the towns directly with the aim of alienating them from Bladesage itself.

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