Writing Guidelines

Instead of having all this information at the bottom of each page, I thought I would just summarise everything here. Please note, this is a work in progress, so some things are not yet said, and nothing is said well...

First of all, I hope you can read this page, and all other pages on powerlot.net I (personally) have only used validated HTML and CSS - all standards-compliant stuff. You should be able to read it on anything, including Lynx or PDA or WAP devices. It has been designed with the latest standards-compliant browsers in mind, but if you don't have these it just won't look as pretty. It is my strongly-held opinion that sites that use flash or java or other fancy tricks to do stuff that you could do with html are just covering up a lack of anything useful to say. So I don't use them, and I hope that my pages are more accessible because of it.

Disclaimer: Having migrated to dynamic systems (eg Wordpress and Blogger) since I first wrote this, I am somewhat at the mercy of the theme/skin writers for standards-compliance. Yes, I could go through their code with a fine-toothed comb and pick out all the nits, but I am getting a bit more relaxed in my old age and quite capable of saying "near enough is good enough"! But anything I have written from scratch will validate nicely!

Disclaimer 2: I'm back to hand-coding stuff. So forget everything from the last paragraph!

Disclaimer 3: Now I’m going half way between the previous disclaimers: I’ve switched over to Jekyll, which generates a static html site from a collection of markdown and other files. I haven’t got as far as checking all the pages for validation but I’m hoping everything works well.

Copyright. Don't get me started. Unless it is someone else's work, everything on this site can be considered copyright of someone in the Power family (probably me). That said, what's mine is yours. Consider all works as licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Australia license unless otherwise stated.

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