Padmus Ironjaws

This is the first character I've made for the new Golden Diamond campaign. I'm going to start with a couple of characters which I'm going to run through some stuff with the Mythic Game Master Emulator. Once I've got the story going, I'm going to open things up and ask people to join in with some sort of play-by-post setup.

For now, enjoy Padmus. He's written for Risus but given the simple nature of that game, I can't imaginine it would take much to use him elsewhere. Speaking of which, just a reminder that everything here you can consider CC BY-SA 3.0 AU.


Padmus is a thin human male of medium height and perhaps thirty years, pale and blonde, though of leathery appearance thanks to many years in the sun and harsh weather.

An only child, Padmus' mother died in childbirth, so he was brought up by his fisherman father and the various crew of their boat. As such, his social graces are somewhat undeveloped.

Ocean raiders attacked his village of Longcove when he was a youth and his father died in battle. He took over the fishing boat, but a fire was lit inside him to help protect and defend the common folk of his town (like his father had been). He spent every free moment he had (especially during the stormy winters when he could not fish) around anybody who could teach him anything about fighting... Former pirates were common, even if only passing through town, as were retired soldiers. He even spent one winter in the hills out of town helping a widowed shepherdess and her daughter protect the flock against wolves and raiders using slings and sticks.

His dedication was noticed by the folk in town, particularly the younger men and women who admired his single-mindedness in defence. First one, then two, then many decided to train with him. Eventually, they decided to form a militia, to train any able-bodied folk in town to fight.

The militia named him Captain and proceed to successfully defend the town from the Ocean Raiders over the next few summers. Soon, it seemed the word had spread that Longcove was not a town where easy pickings could be had and the raiders kept their distance.

Padmus has never married. Between his search for military knowledge, the call of the sea and his devotion to his people, a love life just never seemed important to him. However, he has many friends and is very popular with the young children of the village.

His exposure to a great number of different sorts of people during his youth led him to collect their stories and songs. He strives to collect more and more and share them at every opportunity.


Amazingly, for one born and bred on the ocean, Padmus cannot swim. He is even a little afraid of the water, though he will never admit it.

Dedicated small-town militia Captain (4)

Sinewy, salty-mouthed fisherman (3)

Lifelong bachelor (2)

Wannabe Skald (1)

Lucky Shots: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

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