The Ancient Depths: Scene 1

In which Simona lands in the deeps, is ambushed and loses hope of ever climbing back to freedom




Scene setup: Simona has touched down, she needs to gather her wits, take stock of her surroundings and prepare her gear.

Scene is interrupted. PC Negative, Kill Competition. Interpretation is pretty clear.

Simona hits the ground and dodges out of the way of the falling rope. She barely has time to notice the burned and shortened rope as it falls to the ground where she was standing when she is struck from behind out of the darkness.

CQ: What has hit her? Description meaning tables: Powerfully aromantic. Take this to mean it is something big, strong and unfriendly. The level 1 encounter table includes Orc which fits best. At this point I’ll just make it some sort of generic humanoid.

Her shoulder is struck with something big and hard. Still dazed from the journey down, she loses her balance and falls to the ground. She rolls and looks up and sees a large creature holding a club looming over her.

Risus: I call this an Humanoid Warrior (2). Simona is effectively forced into physical combat here, so is not yet able to cast a spell. If she obtains an advantage of sort it may allow her to. She rolls her Enforcer (3) cliche (at -1 die because she’s on the ground and unarmed against and armed opponent). 5 (using 1 reroll) against 4.

She twists around on the ground and lashes out with her foot at the creature’s knee. She hits it, hard, and the creature falls backwards onto the ground. She takes the opportunity to jump up and faces off against her enemy again.

Risus: Back to Enforcer (3) against Humanoid Warrior (1). 10 v 5. The Creature is defeated. Simona uses her stand-over tactics to intimidate the creature into submission. Q: Does the Humanoid submit rather than force Simona to kill her [50/50]: No but with a random event. Move away from a thread, Betray representative.

Simona screams “yield!” at the creature who simply growls in response and attempts to swing its club as it rises. She catches its hand with her left and punches it hard in the face with her right. It falls back, stunned as she takes the club from it.

And at that precise moment there is the incredible sound of falling rocks coming from behind her, from out of the hole.

Q: Is she able to get herself (and potentially the humanoid) well out of the way of the falling debris [Likely, she isn’t right under the hole]? Yes.

Simona grabs the stunned creature by the hair and drags it out of the way of the danger and towards the wall of the room.

Q: Does the rockfall interfere with the minimal light she has down here [Likely]: Yes.

As the last of the rocks fall, the room becomes completely black. Simona takes a deep breath to calm herself before removing her pack to look for her torches.

Q: Is she interrupted before she can get the lights on [Unlikely]: No.

Simona gets a torch lit and gets her dagger out from the bottom of the pack. She removes the rope from around her body and uses it to bind the creature. She takes a look at the room.

AD&D random dungeon: Square, 20*20’ chamber. 3 exits.

She is in the corner of a medium-sized chamber. There are corridors heading out of the room in three directions, one either side of her and another in an opposing wall. The centre of the room is now made up of what looks like a giant pillar of rubble. There is no visible sign of the hole she came down through.

Q: Does the prisoner have any useful equipment [Unlikely]: Yes. CQ: Enthusiatically Warlike.

Simona searches the unconscious creature and finds its pack quite well equipped with weaponry but not much else. A crossbow and some bolts and a number of daggers. She is confused as to why it attacked her with just a club. Perhaps she can ask it when it awakens?





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