Amelai Ravensdottir

Yet another new character for the Golden Diamond campaign.


Amelai is a thirteen year old human girl. She is small; slightly built and a touch under 5’ tall.

She was born to a farming family just outside of the village of Longcove. When she was about 7 years old, her mother died of a mystery illness, leaving her alone with her father. As an only child, her father doted on Amelai, and she followed him everywhere around the farm, learning the trade and basking in his unconditional love.

Not long after her mother’s death, Amelai began to exhibit “strangeness”. Her father found she could command the animals on the farm with unnatural ease, she was suddenly able to read when he himself was illiterate and had never had her tutored, and when she was dreaming he would sometimes see her hair glow in the dark.

Despite his common roots, her father was not very superstitious, and was absolutely devoted to Amelai, so did not fear the worst at this point. He was, however, concerned about the Bladesage Council’s decrees against women practicing magic. So he took her to an old widow in town, Brunhild, who was suspected of being a witch but was tolerated by the townspeople because of her skills with healing herbs and potions.

Brunhild was convinced that Amelai showed potential and agreed to take her on as an apprentice. To keep the Council appeased, she was technically an apprentice herbalist, though most of the local community were well aware that the two of them were much more than that. Her training consisted mainly of simple potions, gentle charms and healing spells. Brunhild encouraged her to spend time in the woods, collecting and studing herbs and plants and fungi for use in potions and spells. She also noted that Amelai’s connection with animals was clearly supernatural and gave her every opportunity to develop it.

On her 13th birthday, she requested to spend some time training with the militia. Given her size, the Militia Captain was somewhat unsure but he has never turned down a volunteer and was eager to see how her unique skills could help with the defence of the town.


Amelai is a witch in a land that hates witches. Her upbringing has sheltered her from the worst of this but in the big bad wide world she may find herself persecuted or worse.

Magical prodigy apprenticed to a local hedge witch [3]

Only child of a widowed farmer (2)

If I could talk to the animals (2)

Lucky Shots: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

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