Golden Diamond Campaign Procedures

I’m going to steal most of my procedures and formatting from Risus Monkey’s The Moon Goddess is a Harsh Mistress. Sadly the blog is now defunct but I have kept an archived copy for my own reference and fortunately, so has The Wayback Machine. I found it to be an excellent introduction to using Mythic and adding Risus to the mix was a bonus.

Risus Conventions

Hooks, Tales, Pumping Cliches, Funky Dice, Lucky Shots from Risus 2nd ed. are in play. Lucky Shots may be used as rerolls (at the standard number of dice) after the event if desired.

Double-pumps and Funky Dice from 1st ed. are available. Supernatural abilities are required to be bought as double-pump cliches. Funky Dice are only available during advancement (can improve from 6d6 to 5d8 etc) or for extra powerful monsters or NPCs.

For magic, I’ll use a combination of Risus Monkey’s conversion from D&D (basically: use spell lists and Target Number is [Spell Level +1] * 3) or the more free-form setting of challenge ratings from Risusiverse (TN from 0 to 30 depending on how much the magic affects the laws of nature, or the laws of the narrative).

To make things interesting, I’ll be using a Critical/Fumble mechanism of sorts. For a critical success, roll 6 (or the maximum for a funky die) on two or more dice. In an opposed roll, there need to be 2 more sixes than the opponent rolls. A fumble is a 1 on all dice.

For advancement, I’ll use the regular system (roll all dice for a cliche, if they are all even, it goes up by 1) but with an addition. Each “session”, a character gains 1XP. XP can be “spent” on an advancement roll to reroll any die that shows an odd number. Once spent, XP are gone.

For healing, I’ll use an additional rule from Dungeon Crawl Risis: At the end of a combat, every character immediatly regains 1 die on 1 cliche. If a character has a healing-related cliche, they roll 1 die and can allocate that many healed cliches to whichever characters they desire. This is in addition to the basic system where cliches heal at a “reasonable” rate. If need be, I’ll ask Mythic as to what constitutes reasonable.

Mythic Conventions

I’ll be using the Fate Check from Mythic Variations 2 (2d10 roll against a target of 11 + a separate 1d10 Chaos Factor die) rather than the original Fate Chart. I figure it will involve less looking up on tables. Chaos Factor starts at 4 and can range from 3 to 6. I haven’t used this system yet, but I wonder if only having two Chaos levels that effect the results might be a bit limiting..? I’ll leave as is for now and reasses later.

For Complex Questions I will use the Detail Check from Variations 2. At least to begin with, I won’t use all the additional checks from Variations 2, at least until I get more comfortable with the system as is. Like Risus Monkey, I’ll also make use of Brewers Dictionary of Phrase and Fable and Wikipedia’s random article function to get some more interesting answers out of the oracle.

I’ve also got copies of:

Other conventions

In the beginning I will be running a character through a Mythic Underworld Dungeon (not to be confused with the Mythic GME), so all the concepts there will be in play.

This means, amongst other things:

In addition to all of the above, I will be using the D&D Rules Cyclopedia as a reference. I want this campaign to be D&D-like but with the simpler mechanics of Risus.

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