Simona Hert

Another new character for the Golden Diamond campaign. This is the character I will be running (starting today, probably) through a solo adventure. Stay tuned for more…


Simona is a small humanoid female with long brown hair and dark eyes.

She was left as a baby at an orphanage run by mystic monks. Overcrowding compelled her to leave in late childhood and she was taken in by Kristof Stedbert (a slighlty more pleasant Fagan-like character) and his crew who helped her to survive into adulthood.

Despite her small stature (she is slightly built and barely reaches 5’ tall) she is exceptionally strong. The powers-that-be in the Thieves Guild took note of her and she became a surprising enforcer for the outfit.

As she aged into adulthood (she never really “grew”) she noticed that she wasn’t growing and developing quite like her peers. Her facial features were changing also, her cheekbones and her ears were becoming sharper and more prominent. She had no idea what was happening to her and had no family to explain things. But she knew how the folk of Bladesage and the wizards that led them felt about outsiders. So she decided to hide and to hide her true nature.

She abandoned the Guild and found gainful employment as an assistant to a bookseller. Fearing both the Guild and the Council, so learned how to hide herself. She taught herself make-up skills, tailoring, disguise and how to change her voice and accent. She successfully managed to make herself a simple common girl, working in the merchants’ quarter of Bladesage.

Some few years later she began showing some strange, magical abilities. She found herself starting the fire without flint, reading books past dusk without having lit lamps and hiding herself from suspected Guildsmen where she really should not have been able to. Having seen the Wizards perform their powers, she suspected that she was actually able to perform magic.

Women in Bladesage are, of course, forbidden to practice magic. So she made use of what little information she could glean from the books available to her and managed to extend her ability a little and practiced in secret where she could.

Perhaps predictably, “secret” was only secret for a while. Ultimately her employer caught her practicing a leviatation spell instead of lifting a load of books and turned her in as a witch.


Simona is a loner. She has been alone in one way or another for her entire life. She does not trust other people and her mistrust shows in her interactions with other people.

Untrained lone member of an ancient magical race [2]

Surprisingly small former street gang enforcer (3)

Mutli-disciplinary Journeyman of Disguise (2)

Enthusiastic scholar, self-taught by working with a bookseller (1)

Lucky Shots: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

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