And now, another new character for the Golden Diamond campaign.


Stone appears to be a typical Vitterfolk. He stands well over 7' tall and is as slim as a palm tree. This combined with his grey skin gives him the appearance of an overgrown lizard. Helping that image is his long, thin tail which ends in the shape of a ball, almost like a mace. Like his people, he dresses in bright colours in compensation for his grey complexion.

Vitterfolk take on a new name when they reach adulthood. While not required, it is usually a single name taken from a natural thing. It may be an animal, a weather feature, a plant or anything. Their adult name reflects their personality and abilities. In Risus terms, their name is a Cliche. Stone took his name some ten years ago after a period of wandering around the lands as an older adolescent. He gained a reputation for being solid and determined. Not exactly stubborn, but he takes time to consider his views on things and once he has decided, he very rarely changes his mind. This makes him a firm friend, absolutely trusworthy and dependable. His stone nature also carries over to his physical body. Cleary his grey skin is stone-like in appearance but is also very solid, giving him better than average tolerance to temperature (hot or cold) and physical injury. When he clenches his fists (a rare occurrence) they resemble nothing more than rocks. His tail-end needs no such clenching and surprised more than one would-be robber during his youthful adventures.

Stone was born in the town of Bladesage to a small community of Vitterfolk. As non-humans and non-wizards, their community is poor and regularly mistreated by the rulers of the town. They have learned to make themselves meek and inoffensive. Stone has taken this lesson to heart and despite his size is moderately adept at hiding.

Growing up, he was taken on as an assistant to a local human blacksmith. The blacksmith, a war veteran, imaginatively named Smith (he never shared his first name) was one of the few humans who even acknowledge the presence of the Vitterfolk. He had lost his hand in an accident involving a horse, a portcullis and a chamberpot (don't ask) and required a big strong lad to hold onto the swords, nails and horseshoes while he whacked them with a hammer. Though distant and gruff, he was a great influence on a young Stone, teaching him much about his craft, physical labour in general, and how to survive in a world filled with adversities.


Being Vitterfolk in Bladesage and surrounds is pretty tough. Humans assume you are going to eat their children and burn their houses down. And that's when they bother to even acknowledge your presence. While it's been years since there has been any outright anti-Vitter vigilante action, there is always an atmosphere of hostility.

Stone (4)

Tinkery sort of jack-of-all-trades (3)

Better make myself look small (2)

Moderately knowledgeable traveller (1)

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