The Ancient Depths: Scene 2

In which Simona analyses her captive while she waits for it to awaken.




Scene setup: Simona is in a dark square chamber filled with rubble and exits on three walls. She is standing over a captured enemy, a large and (to her eyes) ugly humanoid creature. She is holding the creature’s, waiting for it to wake up so she can interrogate it.

Scene starts as planned (roll of 9 vs CF 5)

Q: Does the creature wake soon [50/50]?: No.

Having bound the creature and taken its weapons from it, Simona is eager to talk to it, to find out what sort of place this is, why it came screaming at her with a club and not shooting her with the crossbow, where can she get some food and water?

But she must have hit it a lot harder than she thought. Or it just has a glass jaw. She slaps it a little and tells it to wake up. She stops sort of yelling at it, she isn’t sure what else is around, maybe it has friends? She even uses a small amount of water from her supplies to try to startle it awake. All to no avail.

CQ: what is this creature like? We’ve already decided it’s large (compared to Simona) and ugly. Softly drab.

This creature is like nothing Simona has seen before. The only non-humans she has seen before are the horned Ferbend and the long-tailed Vitterfolk. This creature, which she assumes to be a male, is a little taller and a lot broader than the average human male. His face is his most distinctive feature. The skin on his face is grey, loose and floppy, his cheeks almost looking like the jowls of a hound. He has two large upper canine teeth that appear from under his lips even when is mouth is closed. And when they were open, she noticed that his eyes were an almost luminescent yellow. She is certain she would be able to see them glowing in the dark. And wonders if that means he could see her in the dark? She makes a mental note not to let the torches go out if she can help it.

His hair is long, straight and grey. Much like his clothing, which has no colour to speak of. She thinks of some of the Vitterfolk she knew back in Bladesage and thinks that perhaps this creature would get on well with them.

She knows she cannot wait here forever for him to awaken. But she does not want to leave him here behind her, and does not want to kill him in this state.

Q: Does he awaken before something else happens [50/50]?: Yes.

As Simona begins to make plans for what to do in the event her captive does not awaken, she notices him begin to stir. She gives him a quick slap and his yellow eyes snap open and he bares his teeth at her and growls.

She picks up his club and waves it in his face. “Why use this? Why not kill me straight away?”

Q: Does the creature speak the Bladesage common language? [Likely (for convenince, not because that’s what I really think, but unless I roll exceptional, he’s only going to speak in Tarzan-language)]: Exceptional Yes!

“I didn’t want to kill you, I just wanted you to have to listen to me. I need your help!”

I’ll leave this scene here, and might just make the next post a bunch of bullet points about what Simona finds out from this creature.





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